How good is the Sheffield Hallam University

Job Prospects

How does your uni make efforts to increase your employability (careers department, work placements, transferable skills)?

My university course will get me into a career as soon as I qualify. It sets up placement days in the first year as well as placement blocks which will help us explore the career further. The university holds employment days to find a job and lots of careers advice should we need it

Course and Lecturers

What do you like most and least about the way your course(s) are taught?

What I like the most is that we have lots of practical classes which helps us to learn more hand-on techniques. We also do not have any written exams which is very good I don't like how different lecturers sometimes tell us different things as this can get very confusing.

How many contact hours per week do you have?


Students' Union

What do you think of your Students' Union in terms of student representation and facilities?

I don't really know much about the students union. They provide lots of sports clubs and other societies, but other than this I don't know what their role is


What do you think about the safety, condition, location and cost of your accommodation?

My accomodation is really good. It is a good price for what I have. The onsite security team are really good and if there are any problems they are fixed very quickly. The site is secure and I feel safe in my accomodation.

Uni Facilities

How good are your university’s facilities?

The universities facilities are very good. There are 2 large libraries, 1 at each campus. There are also 2 gymnasiums. There is lots of practical rooms to help with learning as well as many lecture theatres

Local life

Is your university in a good location in terms of distance to accommodation and local amenities?

The city is really nice. The train station is central and there are lots of coffee shops, pubs, shops and it is a 5 minute train journey to the big shopping centre.

Societies and Sports

How would you rate the variety of societies/sports?

The clubs and societies are really good, there is a wide range of clubs and societies to join. All of which are run and organised well

Student Support

How good is the support offered by the uni? Think both academic (tutors/feedback) and personal (counselling, etc).

Tutors and lecturers are really happy to help out of contact hours. There is counselling available if we need it and can phone volunteers during the night to help with any issues that we may have

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